Thursday, December 31, 2009


Posted by Dr.KesHi

long tyme didn't post new n3..
juz like i said b4..
i busy renovate my room...
why i renovate??
dont noe..

this is my room b4 renovation
during renovation
after renovation
i put this pic special 4 Dr.Aimi..
who want to see my room...
it's same like room makeover??
i love so much this room...
i want to make like this also on my room at home...
it's ok mom??

end of the renovation..
i make a dinner to all who give a hand in this room..
& also 2 whom help in the dinner...

this is the list who invited n come & what they do..
  1. Dr.Syifaa - give an idea to make a dinner & help make a dessert
  2. Dr.Wan - help me scrape off the old paint
  3. Dr.Fikri - help me scrape off the old paint
  4. Dr.Top8 - help me scrape off the old paint
  5. Dr.Pedja - give a ride to PaUn & Tjg Sari to bought many things
  6. Dr.Nisah - give permission to use motorcycle & help Dr. Amal to bought watermelon
  7. Dr.Amir - help me cooking & clean up the house
  8. Dr.Joe - help me clean up the house
  9. Dr.Syafiq - give me some words on for make a better room
  10. Dr.Amal - help me to choose colors 4 my room & help me with her watermelon
  11. Dr.Rusy - help Dr.Amal to slice the watermelon
  12. Dr.Zub - help Dr.Amal to slice watermelon
  13. Dr.Tisop - prepare the dessert
  14. Dr.Tisha - prepare the dessert
  15. Dr.Jaa - prepare the dessert
  16. Dr.Bella - prepare the dessert & cake
  17. Dr.Amin - help Dr.Bella to prepare dessert & cake
  18. Dr. Mira - help Dr. Bella to prepare dessert & cake
thanx 4 everyone 4 ur help...
why Dr.Syifaa give me an idea to make a dinner??
coz i had promise to her to make a chicken rice..
this is the menu of dinner last night

  1. Chicken rice
  2. Blackpepper beef with mushroom
  3. Caramel Cake
  4. Cake (dont noe what is the name)
  5. Watermelon Cocktail
  6. Candy (sugus)
  7. Aqua..he3
simple huh..??
but we all fell fullness..

this is juz a pic that i have a time to snap on that dinner..

wut is ur comment on my new room..
whatever u said..
i can juz said that it's juz better than b4..

b4 i forgot...
Congratz to my brother & sister..
congratz to Nini 4 got straight A's in PMR

congratz to Fatin 4 got straight A's in UPSR
i'm act very jealous..
u're really mom & dad child..
later when i'm going home..

i'm glad to be in the intelligence family..
all member of my family so clever..
this must be have gene from my mom & dad..

WK No.18: Gene
-all living things depend on genes
-a segment of DNA molecule
-it contains all the information that reqired for synthesis of a product
-it is biologic unit of inheritance,self-producing, & transmitted from parent to progeny
-it also has a specific position (locus) in the genome

*sorry..that all 4 WK this tyme...tired typing..if don't understand..juz let me noe..k??

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A DaY of Dr.Hanif...

Posted by Dr.KesHi

this n3 is 4 Dr.Hanif....
My tutormate...
My study group mate...
he also is a member of Tour Team..

why i want to talk about him...
i'm jealous with him...
he can focus on study more than me...
i want to be like him...
i want to talk about what happen in my tutor...
what happen in my tutor??
what Dr. Hanif did??

is a day that he can't be near with water...
4 tyme...
he spill water on desk...
he spill mineral water..
after eat fried rice...
he spill my coke...
he broke the thermometer...
during lab activity..
in the ice water...
1st tyme i saw a mercury in the water..

this is the mercury4th
he spill a water when he put his hand in the beaker..

this is the water that spill...
when i saw the mercury...
although look like a pearl
i'm feel a little bit afraid..
i do not ever touch the water..
scared if the mercury make contact to my skin...
why i'm scared??

WK No. 17: Mercury Poisoning

-also known as hydrargyria or mercurialism
-is a disease cause by exposure to mercury or its compounds
-mercury is a heavy metal that can produce toxic effects in enough doses
-toxic effects include damage to the brain, kidney & lungs
-it can cause several disease, including acrodynia, Hunter-Russell syndrome & Minamata disease

sign & symptoms
  • peripheral neuropathy (itching, burning or pain)
  • skin discoloration (pink on cheeks, fingertips & toes)
  • edema
  • desquamation
  • hyperhidrosis
  • tachycardia
  • hypersalivation
  • hypertension
  • consumption of fish
  • exposed to contaminated air
  • expose to mercury vapor in mercury amalgam dental restoration
  • improper use or disposal of mercury & mercury-containing objects
-primary for most heavy metals is chelatian therapy

-partially or wholly reversible
-but, heavy or prolonged exposure can make irriversible damage

*p/s: my room under renovation...when it is done..i'll show u ma....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why always like this..??

Posted by Dr.KesHi

why my leg always cramp after play futsal..
its so painful...
hope its gonna be ok...
i want to play with my full strength..
i cant stand with this pain...
how can i play if it is painful...
my leg cramp again..
on thigh..
left leg...
pray for me..
hope can relieve ASAP...
pain during walk...
pain during stand..
pain during lay...
pain during sitting..
this is the most severe cramp i got in my life..
this pain make me lazy..
juz want to sleep...
sleep to forgot about the pain...
please go away...
i want to focus on study..
please go away...

WK No.16: Muscle Cramps
-defined as an involuntarily and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax
-this causes a visible or palpable hardening of the involved muscle
-can perceived as mild twitches or may be excruciatingly painful
-it also cause abrupt, intense pain in the involved muscle
-there 4 major type:
  • true cramps
  • tetany
  • contractures
  • dystonic cramps
*I suffer from true cramps
True cramps
-involve part or all of a single muscle or a group of muscle that generally act together
-caused by hyperexcitability of the nerves that stimulate the muscle
-most common type of skeletal muscle cramps
-commonly associated with vigorous use of muscle & muscle fatigue
-this cramps can come during the activity or later, sometimes many hours later

Prevention of MC
-stretching b4 & after activity
-adequate warm-up & cool down
-make sure hv good hydration b4, during, & after the activity
-avoid excessive fatigue

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not Bad huh..??he3

Posted by Dr.KesHi

b4 everything...
i juz want to say..
thanx to Dr. Nua...
he is the one who want me to make this post..
actually he force me..he3..
nope ler..
he ask me in YM
today i enjoyed play wit u all...
although we doesn't win..
but its doesn't matter...
we hv fun & enjoy it..
moreover i score one goal...
its enough 4 me..
he3..(act want more goal)

special thnx also to our supporter...
Pecel Lele!Pecel Lele!...*continue by urself..he3

PLS team...
PLS supporter...
the Lele..
the exact thing i want to talk about is about sunburn...
really hot today...
feel sorry to our supporter...
especially Dr. Aimi that complaint about bcome black bcos of us..

WK No.15: Sunburn
-is an acute, delayed & transient inflammatory response of normal skin after exposure to UVR from sunlight
-it is a phototoxic reaction
-its characterized by erythema

Cause: exposure to the sun
Onset of symptom:
-depends on intensity of exposure
-usually, erythema develops after 6h & peaks after 24h

Distribution of lesion
-strictly confined to areas of exposure
-it also can occur in areas covered with clothing, depending on:
  • degree of UV transmission through it
  • level of UV exposure
  • susceptibility of the individual (SPT)
-cool wet dressing
-topical glucocorticoids
-acetylsalicylic acid

*p/s:like style Nua fall...ha3....
*p/s: 4 more info about Sunburn, read Clinical Dermatology Fitzpatrick..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

::Futsal FeVeR..!!::

Posted by Dr.KesHi

4 the 1st tyme in 1 month..
i kick a ball..
long tyme i didn't play futsal...
why suddenly play??
its bcoz next week there is a PKPMI-Cup..
we(TWP 07',08'.09')..
play together...
wait 4 our funny went we play together...
4 ur information..
we are to close..
no senior or junior...
thank god i choose a right places..

actually i did already not interested to play...
feel sorry to all my friends..
i know how important myself in in team...
i don't know..
too many things i had to do..
dont have chance to play along..
i'm so happy yesterday...
i think i should continue to play...
i know yesterday i didnt play well..
i lost my instinct already..
as a striker...
as a part of team...
please give me tyme..
about 2-3 game more..
i'll get back my instinct..
wait & see...

talk about PKPMI-Cup...
why i hv to make a banner 4 that...
i'm under information..
not a sports..

almost forgot to tell..
i had an injury on my knee..
fall bcoz play on turf..
so..if there is injury it must hv inflammation

WK No.14: Inflammation
Definition: the response of vascularized living tissue to injury
acts to:
  • neutralize or destroy offending agent
  • restricts tissue damage to smallest possible area
  • alerts body to treat of tissue injury
  • prepares injured area for healing
there are 2 type: acute & chronic
  • early onset
  • short duration
  • involving fluid exudation
  • PMN cells migration
  • later onset
  • longer duration
  • involving lymphocytes & macrophage
  • inducing blood vessel proliferation & scarring

*dont have a pic we play futsal... sorry.....

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Meeting wit Pn.Uyon

Posted by Dr.KesHi

i don't think it is a meeting...
1st, i think it is a formal meeting..
bcoz the place is BGGG
BGGG is stand 4 Bandung Giri Grahana Golf Resort
i think after meeting juz have a high tea..
but then...
when time goes..
it juz more like a dinner..
so it should be a dinner wit Pn. Uyon..
don't think it is a wasted meeting..
there is something important that we discussed..
its about our future life..
wut it is??
can't tell...

During eating..
Arif : why u eat too slow..?
Myself: follow prophet la..

WK No.13: Mastication
Fragmentation of food & mixed it wit saliva by combined action of the jaws, tongue & other oral structure

-the teeth designed for chewing:
  • anterior teeth (incisors) : providing a strong cutting action
  • posterior teeth ( molars) : providing a grinding action
-much of chewing process caused by chewing reflex:
  1. presence of bolus of food in mouth will initiate reflex inhibition of muscle of mastication
  2. allowing lower jaw to drop & this will initiate stretch reflex of jaw muscle
  3. occur the rebound contraction that will automatically raise the jaw
  4. raise of jaw causing the closure of teeth & also compress the bolus against lining of mouth
  5. occur again the reflex inhibition of muscle of mastication
  • preparing a lubricated bolus of suitable size & consistency for swallowing
  • indirectly stimulates salivary & gastric secretion
  • important 4 digestion of all food

Sunday, December 06, 2009

A cOupLe bEst Days...!!

Posted by Dr.KesHi

A couple of days after my birthday is my best days in this year...
why i think like this??
after a worst birthday..
i'm feel so happy in this 2 days..
alwayz smile in this 2 days...

on 1st day(friday)
my friends celebrate my b'day after class..
i'm so happy...
to chase on another on street in the campus...
feel pity to that street, become white color..
feel sorry to u all...
didn't have a time to take a picture..
on the night...
dinner to celebrate my belated birthday.....

on 2nd day(saturday)
i join the OOTRAD Unpad..
wuts that?
i don't know...
i become a model 4 that day..
join the parade..
then i'm going to watch movie..
New Moon..
1st twilight is better than this one..
but still good movie to be watch...
after that..
i'm going to play bowling..
didn't play 4 a long time..
last time play i think about 3 months ago..

in this 2 day..
too many sweat run out from my skin..
running around the street..
walking in the parade..
moreover under the sun..

WK No.12 : Sweat Gland
-also call as Sudoriferous glands
-divided into 2 main type: eccrine & apocrine

Eccrine sweat gland
-also known as merocrine sweat glands
-are simple, coiled tubular glands whose ducts open at the skin surface
-distribute throughout skin especially on forehead, palms & soles
-it secrete less viscous sweat that consist of:
  • water
  • ions
  • urea
  • uric acid
  • ammonia
  • amino acids
  • etc..
-function is to regulate body temperature, waste removal & stimulated during emotional stress
-onset of function is soon after birth

Apocrine sweat gland
-larger than merocrine sweat gland
-found mainly in skin of axilla, groin, areola, bearded regions of face & etc
-excretory duct terminate at hair follicle
-it sweat more viscous that consist of some component as eccrine plus lipids & proteins
-it sweat is odorless but when interacts with bacteria, it become metabolized & caused it have musky odor
-it stimulated during emotional stress & sexual excitement
-onset of function is puberty

Thursday, December 03, 2009

3rd December..!!

Posted by Dr.KesHi

3rd December...
hmm..every year i'm wait 4 this day...
today is 3rd December..
it is my birthday..
like years b4..
i hope the 3rd December is the best day of the year..
but i never got it...
i hope today i can get it..

now i'm already adult..
do i really ready 4 this new status..
i think i'm already ready..
i also hv 2 change on certain thing..
i hv to improve..
i have 2 be more better than b4..

u're now adult..

i wish..
2 be more hardworking...
2 be more focus study than b4...
2 make my friends happy wit me..
2 be more close to Allah..
my family blissful all the tyme..
Afif to be good husband next year..he3
to hv good communication & stop to quarrel again with Jiha
Das can adapt at US next year..
others sibling of mine to listen wut Mama said..
to make my family proud wit me..
n lastly..
i wish myself to be more happier than b4...

thnx to anyone who already wish my birthday..
thanx a lot...

i'm already reach adult..
it's my height still increase???
it's my bone still growth???

WK No.11: Bone Growth in Length
the growth in length of long bones involves 2 major events
  • interstitial growth of cartilage on epiphyseal side of the epiphyseal plate
  • replacement of cartilage on diaphyseal side of epiphyseal plate with bone by endochonral ossification
The epiphyseal plate is a layer of hyaline cartilage in the metaphysis of a growing bone that consist of 4 zones
  • zone of resting cartilage: cells do not f(x) in bone growth
  • zone of proliferating cartilage: chondrocytes divide to replace those that die
  • zone of hypertrophic cartilage: consist large, maturing chondrocytes
  • zone of calcified cartilage: occur process of endochondral ossification
At about age 18 in females & 21 in males, epiphyseal plates close where the epihyseal cartilage cells stop dividing & bone replaces all the cartilage, then will form the epiphyseal line
~the appearance of epiphyseal line signifies that the bone stop growing in length

**i'm juz reach my bone still growth**
still could increase in height

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I hAte mYselF like thiS...

Posted by Dr.KesHi

Wut a day today..i think it is a worst day.. a day with the most less of smile from my face.. i dont noe why..for me, smile is the usually in worst day, its bcoz i'm wake up lately on the that i hv to rush to class.. but today, its different.. i wake up & go to class early.. i don't noe why today i juz had a little smile..n most of tyme shown contempt expression

I hate myself...2 be more specific, i hate my face can't follow wut i want... My face can't express wut i want.. but follow my deep heart.. i can't hide & to endure if i like or dislike...if someone make me unhappy, suddenly my face automatically change although i don't want to show that face...

i want to say sorry to all my friends...really sorry..i noe u all do not like if my face express changed.. i do really doesn't meant it... i can't endure it.. hope u all can accept it & understand wut actually happen to me.. i'll try to make it better....

thanx to anyone who understand me.. u're really my friends..

WK No.10: Facial expression
  • a facial expression results from one or more motions of the muscles of the face
  • these movements convey the emotional state of individual to be observes
  • human can adopt a facial expression as voluntary action. however expression is closely tied to emotion, so that its more often involuntary
-muscle of facial expression lie within subcutaneous layer
-they usually originate in the fascia or bones of the skull & insert into skin
-bcoz of this insertions, muscles of facial expression move the skin rather than a join when contract
-muscle of facial expression:
  • orbicularis oris muscle
  • platysma muscle
  • zygomatic major & minor
  • mentalis muscle
  • risorius muscle
  • depressor labii inferioris
  • levator labii superioris
  • etc

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shit..!!wut the hell happen wit me...!!!

Posted by Dr.KesHi

After pangandaran, we (hanif, helmi , amir & myself) going 2 Jakarta..Ancol & 2 be more specific, we going to Dufan (Dunia fantasi)..Dufan are like Genting Highland... We go, after juz a day rest from tired enjoy at pangandaran... But, in this trip, include also Faroh & Nani... How they involve? he3. We didn't expect that juz 4 of us go.. so I tried to find who can go.. so, the 1st person i think is amal..Why amal??bcoz during remed osce.. she heard about our plan.. so she said she want to join us..but unfortunately, amal didn't reply mcg (slept already).. so i think again, who can go.. I got nani & faroh.. So hepi they accept.. then, on 3.00 a.m we depart from Jatinangor

Around 7.30 a.m we arrived at Ancol..We get in through huge & stylo gateway ...then we reach tired driving.. why there are juz a little visitor ..then I ask the cleaner there.. She told me that..Dufan is open at 11.00 a.m..So, we just arrived too early..Dont noe wut to do, we all take some picture outside of Dufan..

In Ancol,there is Samudera, Dufan, Seaworld & Atlantis..But in this trip we juz wanna go to Dufan.. while waiting tyme reach 11.00 a.m, we get around Ancol.. then, when we already boring & sleepy, we juz park a car outside Dufan & sleep...

When I wake up at 10.30 a.m, there is alot of people already outside the Dufan..waiting the gate to open..So then, we all goes to counter ticket..Luckily, a couple gave us some paper..the paper is the discount..So each of us juz hv 2 pay 45k rupiah..without discount the fee is 100k..So lucky..

Wow..impressive.. i thought that Indonesia doesn't hv somthng like this..He3..but i'm wrong.. So many things can we play... 1stly we start with Halilintar (roller coaster)..Hmm..comment?? its juz ok.. then..i felt my stomachache.. forgot tell u that i hv diarrhea..then we all play some other game..then suddenly i had vomit..shit!! why in this tyme.. & i never been like this when play something like this..So shit..!!spoil my day... then i jus see my friends play..but after i feel my body quiet ok..i continue to play some games..

Thanx 2 Amir, Helmi, Hanif, Faroh & Nani to join this trip..So happy wit u all..

WK No.9: Diarrhea
Definition: abnormally frequent evacuation of watery feces
Symptoms:nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, frequent watery stools & etc
-bacteria & parasite- contaminated food or water can transmit bacteria & parasite to body
-medication- antibiotics can cause diarrhea

*thats all, 4 this many things we know about, i didn't able to wrote all thing..Sorry..

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Posted by Dr.KesHi

2nd tyme enjoy at pangandaran..but...
dis tyme more enjoying...

banana bot....

the most enjoy must be surfing la beb...
its my 1st tyme...
its hard 4 me at 1st...
but at the end..

i can stand & surf...
if i hv a chance to surf...
i will take it no matter wut...

my skin not protected by lotion...
make it sunburn...
sunburn juz effect on the epidermis

WK No.8: Epider
  • composed of keratinized stratified squamous epithelium
  • it contains 4 principal types of cells: Keratinocytes, melanocytes, Langerhans cells, & Merkel cells
  • there are 2 type of skin which is thin & thick
  • thin skin, the epidermis have 4 layers: stratum basale, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum & stratum corneum
  • thick skin, the epidermis have 5 layers, same as thin but btwn granulosum & corneum there is startum lucidum
  • the diff. btwn the each stratum is the keratinasation of the cell in each layer

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Posted by Dr.KesHi

wut HappeN...!!!
sir!are u ok???

juz intro of BLS...

i really like this skill lab...
thnx 2 faiz, lokman & nik...
for teach me..
the proper way of BLS...

WK No.7: Basic Life Support
1.Shake, Shout, Call ambulance
2.reposition the patient on hard, flat surface
3.remove the shirt..
4.head tilt, chin lift the mouth with cross finger technique
6.look for chest movement, listen to breathing sound & feel the breathing..
7.if no, do ventilation 2x...
8.check pulse, if no, do chest compression (30x) cycle ventilation & chest compression for 5 cycle
10.end of 5 cycle, check pulse
11.if ok, do LLF
12.if still no breathing, do ventilation 12 tyme in 1 minute..

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Posted by Dr.KesHi

We are Doctor....
We hv 2 know patient feeling & emotion...
Don't juz say a word...

Patient want word's that can reduce their suffering...

Don't juz say a word...

Patient mostly hv labile mood..

this can make them hard to cure...


think 1st...

How I know??
bcoz i'm also sometime sick..
when i'm sick...

i'm always seeking 4 something that can relieve from suffering..

i juz need some good words...

WK No.6: Limbic System

  • limbic means "margin" or "border"
  • its include a group of structures that lies btw cerebral cortex & hypothalamus
  • have 2 parts: cortical & subcortical
  • f(x): control of emotion, behaviour, drive & important to memory
  • structure that most influence the emotion is amygdala
  • amygdala involve in mood & concious response to event, whether negative or positive
  • main output of amygdala are to hypothalamus & brainstem autonomic centers
  • dats why its able to control autonomic system, so that can provoke such instant symphatetic response

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Posted by Dr.KesHi

soca is over...
thnx god...
i got what i want but not really what i want
what i really want is i g
ot case DM
but i got Gra
ve's dzs...
i really want to present infront of Dr.Kusman & Lashma..
but its ok...

i got Dr. Ike &
i think it's my best soca..

but not the mark...

mark that i got for microb still the highest...

This is like what i did in soca
basic science & pathophysio

WK No.5: Grave's Disease
Definition: A state of excess thyroid hormone & it is not synonymous wit hyperthyroidism which excess thyroid f(x)
Epidemiology: Up to 2% in women
-autoimmune disease of unknown factor
-strong familial predisposition (genetic)
-environmental factor (infection& stress)
Sign: tremor goiter, warm& moist skin, tachycardia,& muscle weakness
Symptom: heat intolerance &sweating, palpitation, fatigue & weight loss despite of increase appetite
Complication: thyroid storm
-carbimazole (inhibit enzyme thyroid peroxidase so that reduce the production of thyroid hormone)
-propanolol (to reduce the tachycardia & also inhibit conversion of T4-T3)

Monday, November 09, 2009

A day Left b4 SOCA...

Posted by Dr.KesHi

5 more cases I didn't grab....
juz 11 cases I already master...

please give cases dat I already master....

after dinner I call my mom....
KesHi:ma, this tuesday SOCA
Mom:Soca?it's xm that present a case infront of Dr..? afraid....
Mom:its ok...u're my only children that have a confident & matter what infront u..
KesHi:but ma...that confident already fall down coz of last soc
a..i'm fail remember??
its ok..juz relax...u had already u can do it...

i'm already study...
juz now i'm already had a pre-soca wit my study group...
I got cases DM type 2..
I think i did good...
juz a little bit had to do to make it perfect...

I think I now hv more confident than last soca...
i'm study much harder & smarter than b4...

in my make me more easier to remeber

i'm felt i hv palpitation, tremors, & upset of stomach...
i think its symptoms of anxiety...

WK No.4: Anxiety
Definition: Generalized pervasive fear
  • Anxiety disorder(condition in which anxiety dominates patient's life or is experienced in particular situation)
  • Normal anxiety(a diffuse, unpleasant, vague sense of apprehension, often accompanied by autonomic symptom)
  • palpitation
  • diarrhea
  • tremors
  • frequent urinate
  • restlessness
  • etc
At lower level, anxiety warns of threat of bodily damage, pain, possible punishment & frustration of social or bodily needs
there are 3 major neurotransmitter associated wit anxiety: Norepinephrine, Serotonin, & GABA..

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Feet bitE by fiSh

Posted by Dr.KesHi

it felt so weird...
look at your feet bite by the fish...
i'm already felt it 2 tyme...

for my firsttime
the sensation...
only God know it...
but i'm so happy....
i'm did it wit my siblings...
thnx 2 i've never felt so good wit my family....

wit my siblings...b4 give fish bite my feet
for 2nd tyme...
i'm wit PejaL...
?? its ok for me coz 2nd tyme..
but not 2 firsttimer like pejal...

my feet...bite by fish

What is actually Dr.Fish???

WK No.3: Dr.Fish
  • is the name given to 2 species of fish: Garra rufa & Cyprinion macrostomus
  • they have ability to produce healthy & glowing result from even the most flaky, dried or disease epidermis
  • we immerse our feet, hands or the entire body in a warm pool that swarms with hundreds of hungry feeders)
  • fish will nibble away the crusty and scabby epidermis to reveal the fresh layer beneath
  • used in medical field to treat Psoriasis and various skin disease patients(like eczema)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raye wit FamiLy..!!Yey!!Ha3

Posted by Dr.KesHi

last year not celebrate it wit family...
so sad...
but dis year...

so happy...
can celebrate it with my family

many foods I can't eat...
so sad...
but what can I do...

my family held an open house...
many children had came...
they're so cute...

my cousin daughter..Name??forgot..Ha3

she play with me...
but when i'm already tired..
she play by herself...
spin around..faster..faster..& faster
then stop...
Why she is crying????

WK No.2: Vertigo
Definition: Sensation of rotation movement either one self or surroundings
  • vertigo may represent either physiologic stimulation or pathologic dysf(x) in any of equilibrium system
Physiologic vertigo
  • miss match among 3 stabilizing sensory system
  • unfamiliar head movements in seasickness
  • unusual head position
  • following a spin
-there is 2 type
  • dynamic(maintain body position in response to sudden movement)
  • static equilibrium(maintain body position relatively to force of gravity)
since she had vertigo coz of it related wit dynamic
-for dynamic, the organ involve is crista ampulla(semicircular canal)
-when body is rotated, crista respond to changes in velocity of rotatory movement of head
-this will coz inertia, endolymh will moves to opposite direction of body rotation

-hair are bent, hair cells depolarize & impulse reach the brain at faster rate
-bending of cilia in opposite direction coz hyperpolarization & decrease impulse generation

Monday, September 14, 2009

My face reddening....???

Posted by Dr.KesHi

why my face reddening..??Why?Why?
so itch
what happen 2 me??
i juz ate a little bit of cockle..
Hmmm..not a little bit la..
but too much...
its never happen to me...

this pic??not me for sure..
So??What happen 2 me??
Dr told that i have an allergy to seafood

WK No.1: Allergy
Definition : A hypersensitivity state acquired through exposure to a particular antigen
Risk Factor:
1.Host- include heredity, age, sex & race
2.Environment - include infectious disease,pollution, allergen level & dietary changes
-bacterial(specific hypersensitivity 2 bacterial antigen)
-cold(result from exposure to cold)
-drug(result from unsual sensitivity 2 drug)
-food(produced by ingested antigens in food

Sign & symptom:


antihistamine(use to
inhibit the release or action of histamine)
-corticosteroid(serve as anti-inflammation)
i got this allergy coz b4 this i hv an infection on eyelid
i had food allergy
i take drugs cetirizine & hydrocortisone
now i can't eat seafood anymore..