Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Posted by Dr.KesHi

soca is over...
thnx god...
i got what i want but not really what i want
what i really want is i g
ot case DM
but i got Gra
ve's dzs...
i really want to present infront of Dr.Kusman & Lashma..
but its ok...

i got Dr. Ike &
i think it's my best soca..

but not the mark...

mark that i got for microb still the highest...

This is like what i did in soca
basic science & pathophysio

WK No.5: Grave's Disease
Definition: A state of excess thyroid hormone & it is not synonymous wit hyperthyroidism which excess thyroid f(x)
Epidemiology: Up to 2% in women
-autoimmune disease of unknown factor
-strong familial predisposition (genetic)
-environmental factor (infection& stress)
Sign: tremor goiter, warm& moist skin, tachycardia,& muscle weakness
Symptom: heat intolerance &sweating, palpitation, fatigue & weight loss despite of increase appetite
Complication: thyroid storm
-carbimazole (inhibit enzyme thyroid peroxidase so that reduce the production of thyroid hormone)
-propanolol (to reduce the tachycardia & also inhibit conversion of T4-T3)