Saturday, November 14, 2009


Posted by Dr.KesHi

wut HappeN...!!!
sir!are u ok???

juz intro of BLS...

i really like this skill lab...
thnx 2 faiz, lokman & nik...
for teach me..
the proper way of BLS...

WK No.7: Basic Life Support
1.Shake, Shout, Call ambulance
2.reposition the patient on hard, flat surface
3.remove the shirt..
4.head tilt, chin lift the mouth with cross finger technique
6.look for chest movement, listen to breathing sound & feel the breathing..
7.if no, do ventilation 2x...
8.check pulse, if no, do chest compression (30x) cycle ventilation & chest compression for 5 cycle
10.end of 5 cycle, check pulse
11.if ok, do LLF
12.if still no breathing, do ventilation 12 tyme in 1 minute..