Saturday, December 12, 2009

::Futsal FeVeR..!!::

Posted by Dr.KesHi

4 the 1st tyme in 1 month..
i kick a ball..
long tyme i didn't play futsal...
why suddenly play??
its bcoz next week there is a PKPMI-Cup..
we(TWP 07',08'.09')..
play together...
wait 4 our funny went we play together...
4 ur information..
we are to close..
no senior or junior...
thank god i choose a right places..

actually i did already not interested to play...
feel sorry to all my friends..
i know how important myself in in team...
i don't know..
too many things i had to do..
dont have chance to play along..
i'm so happy yesterday...
i think i should continue to play...
i know yesterday i didnt play well..
i lost my instinct already..
as a striker...
as a part of team...
please give me tyme..
about 2-3 game more..
i'll get back my instinct..
wait & see...

talk about PKPMI-Cup...
why i hv to make a banner 4 that...
i'm under information..
not a sports..

almost forgot to tell..
i had an injury on my knee..
fall bcoz play on turf..
so..if there is injury it must hv inflammation

WK No.14: Inflammation
Definition: the response of vascularized living tissue to injury
acts to:
  • neutralize or destroy offending agent
  • restricts tissue damage to smallest possible area
  • alerts body to treat of tissue injury
  • prepares injured area for healing
there are 2 type: acute & chronic
  • early onset
  • short duration
  • involving fluid exudation
  • PMN cells migration
  • later onset
  • longer duration
  • involving lymphocytes & macrophage
  • inducing blood vessel proliferation & scarring

*dont have a pic we play futsal... sorry.....