Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raye wit FamiLy..!!Yey!!Ha3

Posted by Dr.KesHi

last year not celebrate it wit family...
so sad...
but dis year...

so happy...
can celebrate it with my family

many foods I can't eat...
so sad...
but what can I do...

my family held an open house...
many children had came...
they're so cute...

my cousin daughter..Name??forgot..Ha3

she play with me...
but when i'm already tired..
she play by herself...
spin around..faster..faster..& faster
then stop...
Why she is crying????

WK No.2: Vertigo
Definition: Sensation of rotation movement either one self or surroundings
  • vertigo may represent either physiologic stimulation or pathologic dysf(x) in any of equilibrium system
Physiologic vertigo
  • miss match among 3 stabilizing sensory system
  • unfamiliar head movements in seasickness
  • unusual head position
  • following a spin
-there is 2 type
  • dynamic(maintain body position in response to sudden movement)
  • static equilibrium(maintain body position relatively to force of gravity)
since she had vertigo coz of spinning...so it related wit dynamic
-for dynamic, the organ involve is crista ampulla(semicircular canal)
-when body is rotated, crista respond to changes in velocity of rotatory movement of head
-this will coz inertia, endolymh will moves to opposite direction of body rotation

-hair are bent, hair cells depolarize & impulse reach the brain at faster rate
-bending of cilia in opposite direction coz hyperpolarization & decrease impulse generation

Monday, September 14, 2009

My face reddening....???

Posted by Dr.KesHi

why my face reddening..??Why?Why?
so itch
what happen 2 me??
i juz ate a little bit of cockle..
Hmmm..not a little bit la..
but too much...
its never happen to me...

this pic??not me for sure..
So??What happen 2 me??
Dr told that i have an allergy to seafood

WK No.1: Allergy
Definition : A hypersensitivity state acquired through exposure to a particular antigen
Risk Factor:
1.Host- include heredity, age, sex & race
2.Environment - include infectious disease,pollution, allergen level & dietary changes
-bacterial(specific hypersensitivity 2 bacterial antigen)
-cold(result from exposure to cold)
-drug(result from unsual sensitivity 2 drug)
-food(produced by ingested antigens in food

Sign & symptom:


antihistamine(use to
inhibit the release or action of histamine)
-corticosteroid(serve as anti-inflammation)
i got this allergy coz b4 this i hv an infection on eyelid
i had food allergy
i take drugs cetirizine & hydrocortisone
now i can't eat seafood anymore..