Thursday, December 31, 2009


Posted by Dr.KesHi

long tyme didn't post new n3..
juz like i said b4..
i busy renovate my room...
why i renovate??
dont noe..

this is my room b4 renovation
during renovation
after renovation
i put this pic special 4 Dr.Aimi..
who want to see my room...
it's same like room makeover??
i love so much this room...
i want to make like this also on my room at home...
it's ok mom??

end of the renovation..
i make a dinner to all who give a hand in this room..
& also 2 whom help in the dinner...

this is the list who invited n come & what they do..
  1. Dr.Syifaa - give an idea to make a dinner & help make a dessert
  2. Dr.Wan - help me scrape off the old paint
  3. Dr.Fikri - help me scrape off the old paint
  4. Dr.Top8 - help me scrape off the old paint
  5. Dr.Pedja - give a ride to PaUn & Tjg Sari to bought many things
  6. Dr.Nisah - give permission to use motorcycle & help Dr. Amal to bought watermelon
  7. Dr.Amir - help me cooking & clean up the house
  8. Dr.Joe - help me clean up the house
  9. Dr.Syafiq - give me some words on for make a better room
  10. Dr.Amal - help me to choose colors 4 my room & help me with her watermelon
  11. Dr.Rusy - help Dr.Amal to slice the watermelon
  12. Dr.Zub - help Dr.Amal to slice watermelon
  13. Dr.Tisop - prepare the dessert
  14. Dr.Tisha - prepare the dessert
  15. Dr.Jaa - prepare the dessert
  16. Dr.Bella - prepare the dessert & cake
  17. Dr.Amin - help Dr.Bella to prepare dessert & cake
  18. Dr. Mira - help Dr. Bella to prepare dessert & cake
thanx 4 everyone 4 ur help...
why Dr.Syifaa give me an idea to make a dinner??
coz i had promise to her to make a chicken rice..
this is the menu of dinner last night

  1. Chicken rice
  2. Blackpepper beef with mushroom
  3. Caramel Cake
  4. Cake (dont noe what is the name)
  5. Watermelon Cocktail
  6. Candy (sugus)
  7. Aqua..he3
simple huh..??
but we all fell fullness..

this is juz a pic that i have a time to snap on that dinner..

wut is ur comment on my new room..
whatever u said..
i can juz said that it's juz better than b4..

b4 i forgot...
Congratz to my brother & sister..
congratz to Nini 4 got straight A's in PMR

congratz to Fatin 4 got straight A's in UPSR
i'm act very jealous..
u're really mom & dad child..
later when i'm going home..

i'm glad to be in the intelligence family..
all member of my family so clever..
this must be have gene from my mom & dad..

WK No.18: Gene
-all living things depend on genes
-a segment of DNA molecule
-it contains all the information that reqired for synthesis of a product
-it is biologic unit of inheritance,self-producing, & transmitted from parent to progeny
-it also has a specific position (locus) in the genome

*sorry..that all 4 WK this tyme...tired typing..if don't understand..juz let me noe..k??


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