Thursday, December 03, 2009

3rd December..!!

Posted by Dr.KesHi

3rd December...
hmm..every year i'm wait 4 this day...
today is 3rd December..
it is my birthday..
like years b4..
i hope the 3rd December is the best day of the year..
but i never got it...
i hope today i can get it..

now i'm already adult..
do i really ready 4 this new status..
i think i'm already ready..
i also hv 2 change on certain thing..
i hv to improve..
i have 2 be more better than b4..

u're now adult..

i wish..
2 be more hardworking...
2 be more focus study than b4...
2 make my friends happy wit me..
2 be more close to Allah..
my family blissful all the tyme..
Afif to be good husband next year..he3
to hv good communication & stop to quarrel again with Jiha
Das can adapt at US next year..
others sibling of mine to listen wut Mama said..
to make my family proud wit me..
n lastly..
i wish myself to be more happier than b4...

thnx to anyone who already wish my birthday..
thanx a lot...

i'm already reach adult..
it's my height still increase???
it's my bone still growth???

WK No.11: Bone Growth in Length
the growth in length of long bones involves 2 major events
  • interstitial growth of cartilage on epiphyseal side of the epiphyseal plate
  • replacement of cartilage on diaphyseal side of epiphyseal plate with bone by endochonral ossification
The epiphyseal plate is a layer of hyaline cartilage in the metaphysis of a growing bone that consist of 4 zones
  • zone of resting cartilage: cells do not f(x) in bone growth
  • zone of proliferating cartilage: chondrocytes divide to replace those that die
  • zone of hypertrophic cartilage: consist large, maturing chondrocytes
  • zone of calcified cartilage: occur process of endochondral ossification
At about age 18 in females & 21 in males, epiphyseal plates close where the epihyseal cartilage cells stop dividing & bone replaces all the cartilage, then will form the epiphyseal line
~the appearance of epiphyseal line signifies that the bone stop growing in length

**i'm juz reach my bone still growth**
still could increase in height