Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dota and Boo Boo Bear

Posted by Dr.KesHi a game.Defense of the of my fav. computer game. i still remember my 1sttyme play this game. about 14y/o if i'm not mistaken. but, that tyme, i'm so noob. juz play it for 10minute then i'm juz alt+f4.he3..dont noe how to play. and i still remember my friend that ask me to play with him. his name is haris. we play at Kingsurf cc.

but now, i'm not noob anymore. but 4 expert, maybe i'm still noob..haha..i'm noob but my tauren chieftain is IMBA.
with urn of shadow, vanguard, arcane boots and desolator..i'll make sure my team have enough damage n good tank..b4 i got heart of tarrasque to be real tanker..haha.. my dota team now include Amir, Helmi, Nua, Nik, Faiz n Cami..

i dont know why i talk about this..haha

1 more think..special to Atrash that dont even noe that boo boo bear is a cartoon.. Boo boo bear is my profile pic 4 supporting the world prevention child abuse day.
boo boo bear is cartoon character in The Yogi Bear show. this bear wear a bow tie. cute.he3. Boo boo bear will appear in The Yogi Bear feature film. He will be voiced by Justin Timberlake. Wow nice..

Saturday, December 04, 2010

u always in my heart

Posted by Dr.KesHi

u make me woke up every morning..
i did think whether u already subuh or not..whether u already finish ur LI or memorize skill lab..
without u...i cant wake up early in the morning...
thnx!! ^_^
b4 going to class..i did think wut are u wear 4 that day (hoping we wear same color) he3..
everyday u look so gorgeous...
u're really a princess..not juz like a princess...
when in class..sometimes i saw ur face like having a problem..
i'm always wanna noe...if there is a problem..i'll help it no matter wut...
when u're out 4 dinner without me..
i'm always wait 4 ur sms..bcoz i'm afraid of there is smthing happen 2 u..

when we're together...
sometimes my face turn to 'angry face' <---u told me
i'm so sorry...sometime i can control it..sometime it juz go like that...
i noe u noe how to turn my face back rite...^_^
so sorry..sometime i'm hear my voice to loud...
my ear had a prob when i got common cold...
dont noe why...

i'm so happy with u...
u give me gift for my b'day...
those gift..juz a few noe it is my favourite...
maybe juz my family member noe..
hmm..maybe bcoz someday u're in my family too.. ^_^
thnx a lot...

to others...thnx also for the bday wish..
thank you so much...

bcoz of long time dont have now i wanna talk abit about wut i 'suffer' now

WK No.20: Rhinitis
Def: Inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane
  • nasal obstruction
  • runny nose
  • sneezing
Causes: the most frequent causes is the common cold

*this rhinitis discomfort can interfere with daily activities

Def: a catarrhal disorder of upper respiratory tract
  • viral infection
  • mixed infection
  • allergic reaction
Marked by:
  • acute rhinitis
  • slight temperature rise
  • chilly sensation