Sunday, December 06, 2009

A cOupLe bEst Days...!!

Posted by Dr.KesHi

A couple of days after my birthday is my best days in this year...
why i think like this??
after a worst birthday..
i'm feel so happy in this 2 days..
alwayz smile in this 2 days...

on 1st day(friday)
my friends celebrate my b'day after class..
i'm so happy...
to chase on another on street in the campus...
feel pity to that street, become white color..
feel sorry to u all...
didn't have a time to take a picture..
on the night...
dinner to celebrate my belated birthday.....

on 2nd day(saturday)
i join the OOTRAD Unpad..
wuts that?
i don't know...
i become a model 4 that day..
join the parade..
then i'm going to watch movie..
New Moon..
1st twilight is better than this one..
but still good movie to be watch...
after that..
i'm going to play bowling..
didn't play 4 a long time..
last time play i think about 3 months ago..

in this 2 day..
too many sweat run out from my skin..
running around the street..
walking in the parade..
moreover under the sun..

WK No.12 : Sweat Gland
-also call as Sudoriferous glands
-divided into 2 main type: eccrine & apocrine

Eccrine sweat gland
-also known as merocrine sweat glands
-are simple, coiled tubular glands whose ducts open at the skin surface
-distribute throughout skin especially on forehead, palms & soles
-it secrete less viscous sweat that consist of:
  • water
  • ions
  • urea
  • uric acid
  • ammonia
  • amino acids
  • etc..
-function is to regulate body temperature, waste removal & stimulated during emotional stress
-onset of function is soon after birth

Apocrine sweat gland
-larger than merocrine sweat gland
-found mainly in skin of axilla, groin, areola, bearded regions of face & etc
-excretory duct terminate at hair follicle
-it sweat more viscous that consist of some component as eccrine plus lipids & proteins
-it sweat is odorless but when interacts with bacteria, it become metabolized & caused it have musky odor
-it stimulated during emotional stress & sexual excitement
-onset of function is puberty