Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I hAte mYselF like thiS...

Posted by Dr.KesHi

Wut a day today..i think it is a worst day.. a day with the most less of smile from my face.. i dont noe why..for me, smile is the usually in worst day, its bcoz i'm wake up lately on the that i hv to rush to class.. but today, its different.. i wake up & go to class early.. i don't noe why today i juz had a little smile..n most of tyme shown contempt expression

I hate myself...2 be more specific, i hate my face can't follow wut i want... My face can't express wut i want.. but follow my deep heart.. i can't hide & to endure if i like or dislike...if someone make me unhappy, suddenly my face automatically change although i don't want to show that face...

i want to say sorry to all my friends...really sorry..i noe u all do not like if my face express changed.. i do really doesn't meant it... i can't endure it.. hope u all can accept it & understand wut actually happen to me.. i'll try to make it better....

thanx to anyone who understand me.. u're really my friends..

WK No.10: Facial expression
  • a facial expression results from one or more motions of the muscles of the face
  • these movements convey the emotional state of individual to be observes
  • human can adopt a facial expression as voluntary action. however expression is closely tied to emotion, so that its more often involuntary
-muscle of facial expression lie within subcutaneous layer
-they usually originate in the fascia or bones of the skull & insert into skin
-bcoz of this insertions, muscles of facial expression move the skin rather than a join when contract
-muscle of facial expression:
  • orbicularis oris muscle
  • platysma muscle
  • zygomatic major & minor
  • mentalis muscle
  • risorius muscle
  • depressor labii inferioris
  • levator labii superioris
  • etc