Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shit..!!wut the hell happen wit me...!!!

Posted by Dr.KesHi

After pangandaran, we (hanif, helmi , amir & myself) going 2 Jakarta..Ancol & 2 be more specific, we going to Dufan (Dunia fantasi)..Dufan are like Genting Highland... We go, after juz a day rest from tired enjoy at pangandaran... But, in this trip, include also Faroh & Nani... How they involve? he3. We didn't expect that juz 4 of us go.. so I tried to find who can go.. so, the 1st person i think is amal..Why amal??bcoz during remed osce.. she heard about our plan.. so she said she want to join us..but unfortunately, amal didn't reply mcg (slept already).. so i think again, who can go.. I got nani & faroh.. So hepi they accept.. then, on 3.00 a.m we depart from Jatinangor

Around 7.30 a.m we arrived at Ancol..We get in through huge & stylo gateway ...then we reach tired driving.. why there are juz a little visitor ..then I ask the cleaner there.. She told me that..Dufan is open at 11.00 a.m..So, we just arrived too early..Dont noe wut to do, we all take some picture outside of Dufan..

In Ancol,there is Samudera, Dufan, Seaworld & Atlantis..But in this trip we juz wanna go to Dufan.. while waiting tyme reach 11.00 a.m, we get around Ancol.. then, when we already boring & sleepy, we juz park a car outside Dufan & sleep...

When I wake up at 10.30 a.m, there is alot of people already outside the Dufan..waiting the gate to open..So then, we all goes to counter ticket..Luckily, a couple gave us some paper..the paper is the discount..So each of us juz hv 2 pay 45k rupiah..without discount the fee is 100k..So lucky..

Wow..impressive.. i thought that Indonesia doesn't hv somthng like this..He3..but i'm wrong.. So many things can we play... 1stly we start with Halilintar (roller coaster)..Hmm..comment?? its juz ok.. then..i felt my stomachache.. forgot tell u that i hv diarrhea..then we all play some other game..then suddenly i had vomit..shit!! why in this tyme.. & i never been like this when play something like this..So shit..!!spoil my day... then i jus see my friends play..but after i feel my body quiet ok..i continue to play some games..

Thanx 2 Amir, Helmi, Hanif, Faroh & Nani to join this trip..So happy wit u all..

WK No.9: Diarrhea
Definition: abnormally frequent evacuation of watery feces
Symptoms:nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, frequent watery stools & etc
-bacteria & parasite- contaminated food or water can transmit bacteria & parasite to body
-medication- antibiotics can cause diarrhea

*thats all, 4 this many things we know about, i didn't able to wrote all thing..Sorry..