Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not Bad huh..??he3

Posted by Dr.KesHi

b4 everything...
i juz want to say..
thanx to Dr. Nua...
he is the one who want me to make this post..
actually he force me..he3..
nope ler..
he ask me in YM
today i enjoyed play wit u all...
although we doesn't win..
but its doesn't matter...
we hv fun & enjoy it..
moreover i score one goal...
its enough 4 me..
he3..(act want more goal)

special thnx also to our supporter...
Pecel Lele!Pecel Lele!...*continue by urself..he3

PLS team...
PLS supporter...
the Lele..
the exact thing i want to talk about is about sunburn...
really hot today...
feel sorry to our supporter...
especially Dr. Aimi that complaint about bcome black bcos of us..

WK No.15: Sunburn
-is an acute, delayed & transient inflammatory response of normal skin after exposure to UVR from sunlight
-it is a phototoxic reaction
-its characterized by erythema

Cause: exposure to the sun
Onset of symptom:
-depends on intensity of exposure
-usually, erythema develops after 6h & peaks after 24h

Distribution of lesion
-strictly confined to areas of exposure
-it also can occur in areas covered with clothing, depending on:
  • degree of UV transmission through it
  • level of UV exposure
  • susceptibility of the individual (SPT)
-cool wet dressing
-topical glucocorticoids
-acetylsalicylic acid

*p/s:like style Nua fall...ha3....
*p/s: 4 more info about Sunburn, read Clinical Dermatology Fitzpatrick..


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