Monday, September 14, 2009

My face reddening....???

Posted by Dr.KesHi

why my face reddening..??Why?Why?
so itch
what happen 2 me??
i juz ate a little bit of cockle..
Hmmm..not a little bit la..
but too much...
its never happen to me...

this pic??not me for sure..
So??What happen 2 me??
Dr told that i have an allergy to seafood

WK No.1: Allergy
Definition : A hypersensitivity state acquired through exposure to a particular antigen
Risk Factor:
1.Host- include heredity, age, sex & race
2.Environment - include infectious disease,pollution, allergen level & dietary changes
-bacterial(specific hypersensitivity 2 bacterial antigen)
-cold(result from exposure to cold)
-drug(result from unsual sensitivity 2 drug)
-food(produced by ingested antigens in food

Sign & symptom:


antihistamine(use to
inhibit the release or action of histamine)
-corticosteroid(serve as anti-inflammation)
i got this allergy coz b4 this i hv an infection on eyelid
i had food allergy
i take drugs cetirizine & hydrocortisone
now i can't eat seafood anymore..