Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Meeting wit Pn.Uyon

Posted by Dr.KesHi

i don't think it is a meeting...
1st, i think it is a formal meeting..
bcoz the place is BGGG
BGGG is stand 4 Bandung Giri Grahana Golf Resort
i think after meeting juz have a high tea..
but then...
when time goes..
it juz more like a dinner..
so it should be a dinner wit Pn. Uyon..
don't think it is a wasted meeting..
there is something important that we discussed..
its about our future life..
wut it is??
can't tell...

During eating..
Arif : why u eat too slow..?
Myself: follow prophet la..

WK No.13: Mastication
Fragmentation of food & mixed it wit saliva by combined action of the jaws, tongue & other oral structure

-the teeth designed for chewing:
  • anterior teeth (incisors) : providing a strong cutting action
  • posterior teeth ( molars) : providing a grinding action
-much of chewing process caused by chewing reflex:
  1. presence of bolus of food in mouth will initiate reflex inhibition of muscle of mastication
  2. allowing lower jaw to drop & this will initiate stretch reflex of jaw muscle
  3. occur the rebound contraction that will automatically raise the jaw
  4. raise of jaw causing the closure of teeth & also compress the bolus against lining of mouth
  5. occur again the reflex inhibition of muscle of mastication
  • preparing a lubricated bolus of suitable size & consistency for swallowing
  • indirectly stimulates salivary & gastric secretion
  • important 4 digestion of all food