Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Movies review

Posted by Dr.KesHi

my blog totally has changed....
I juz had mood to change all those things.
now i want to straight to the point coz i have other things to do..

last friday and last night,
i'm watch 2 movies:
Love Story & The Tourist

Love Story
this movie is about love as we can see from the title itself.he3..i know about this movie since last november, when i saw their thriller. i waited this movie, and when last thursday it came out, i'm so excited to go watch it. but i got lot of homework that i have to settle it..so, in friday when i've already free from homework (not totally), i juz go watch it..haha..

Love story can make us felt their sadness and everything. the music also great (coz Melly Goeslow). but i had read some comment from others....they said that this movie boring and so on..but for me.. this is one of the best indonesia movie..the movie that really have to watch
i give LOVE STORY 4.5/5

The Tourist
this movie..hmmm..i think almost 95% like this movie.. but there are still some people said that this movie is juz ordinary movie..but from me..this one is the creative movie.. with Johny Depp, Angelina Jolie.. what u expect from the movie.. i give 5/5 for The Tourist..
really interesting movie.. can be watch with ur love, ur friends and also ur family.. last night i watch with my friends..hehe.. Cami, Faiz, Atrash, Matya, Khalil and Azrol.. fyi, not all of them same batch with me.. like atrash, he actually my senior, and matya khalil azrol is my junior here..
thanx to them coz help me throw out my lazyness..HAHA

that all for this n3..no wk..coz no idea..haha


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