Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dota and Boo Boo Bear

Posted by Dr.KesHi a game.Defense of the of my fav. computer game. i still remember my 1sttyme play this game. about 14y/o if i'm not mistaken. but, that tyme, i'm so noob. juz play it for 10minute then i'm juz alt+f4.he3..dont noe how to play. and i still remember my friend that ask me to play with him. his name is haris. we play at Kingsurf cc.

but now, i'm not noob anymore. but 4 expert, maybe i'm still noob..haha..i'm noob but my tauren chieftain is IMBA.
with urn of shadow, vanguard, arcane boots and desolator..i'll make sure my team have enough damage n good tank..b4 i got heart of tarrasque to be real tanker..haha.. my dota team now include Amir, Helmi, Nua, Nik, Faiz n Cami..

i dont know why i talk about this..haha

1 more think..special to Atrash that dont even noe that boo boo bear is a cartoon.. Boo boo bear is my profile pic 4 supporting the world prevention child abuse day.
boo boo bear is cartoon character in The Yogi Bear show. this bear wear a bow tie. cute.he3. Boo boo bear will appear in The Yogi Bear feature film. He will be voiced by Justin Timberlake. Wow nice..


faridfaiz said... pro eh guna tauren chieftain.anta la replay kat aku.hehe.mai tgk.

Dr.KesHi said...

sory bro..hari tu lupe lak nk amik save..

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